Royal Air Force 2000 

Bristol Beaufighter Mk II and Bristol Beaufighter Mk X

These snaps were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 over Hawaii.
There are two versions available.

Bristol Beaufighter Mk II

This night fighter version of the Beaufigher MkIIF was flown by No 456 (F) Squadron in the summer of 1942. The inline Rolls Royce engines were used as an alternative to the Hercules radial engine.

Bristol Beaufighter Mk X

This Beaufighter is in the markings of No 272 Squadron based on Malta. The MkX was a true multi purpose aircraft and served the RAF well for the remainder of the war. A total of 2,205 were built, the last being delivered on 21 September 1945.

Full 2D cockpit Y
Shift 1
"Landing view" No 
Virtual cockpitYUsable. Built for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.
Live gauges?N 
HUD view N 
Separate panelsy
Shift 2.
Radio VOR and ADFyShift 3
Engine controlsyShift 4.

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