Royal Air Force 2000

Tiger Moth

In 1939 the requirement by the RAF for a new trainer resulted in the commissioning of the DH82. The DH82 is the result of the DeHavilland company's evolution of their DH37 Humming Bird through the DH60 when it was first called the Moth. Cruising at 80 MPH the Tiger Moth had a range of 300 miles. The Tiger Moth saw service until 1955 although there are many still flying around the world.

These snaps were taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 over Hawaii.

Cockpit details

Full 2D cockpit Y
Shift 1
"Landing view" No 
Virtual cockpitY
Usable. Built for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98.
Live gauges?NO 
HUD view NO 
Separate panelsAutopilot panelShift 2
Engine controlsYes

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