Royal Air Force 2000

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 compatibility

From the official website:


For details on installation please see the Installation hints page.
  • Aircraft
  • All models are displayed nearly 100% correctly and they fly well.
  • Two minor problems
  • Avro 621 Tutor K6100 has no sound
  • Some models have minor texture flickering
  • Conclusion: Apart from the points mentioned Royal Air Force 2000 in general is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 compatible.
The minor texture flickering mentioned is quite normal in many sims and occurs for a number of reasons, often related to graphics cards and drivers. This was never an annoyance to me in this sim. Bear in mind that these aircraft were created mostly in the year 2000 - there are more complex external models around now but - and this is a big advantage - these aircraft are not frame rate hogs!

2006 update

Bear in mind that in 2000 the average PC still had problems running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 with anywhere near full graphics options selected).
External views had no effect at all on frame rate. The 2D cockpits did, as all 2D cockpits do.
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