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MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

Sabre Ace

MiGMan’s Combat Diary 1998

Soviet Campaign
You start the Soviet Campaign in the Yak-9 (Yaklovev-9) which was a competent ground attack and air superiority fighter of 1940's vintage.
If you survive the first 10 missions, you will be upgraded to the MiG-15.
The MiG-15 was designed just after World War and the powerplant was based, ironically, on a Rolls Royce Design given to the Soviets by the British Government! Allied pilots were dismayed to meet this aircraft in huge numbers over Korea. It outclimbed anything in the Allied inventory at the time.

Mission 1

On this recon mission you'll need to take out any interceptors or be ready for a long slow trip home!
HINT: You can't use the "zap" command if enemy a/c are within 1 mile of you.

Mission 2

Taking off again from PyongYangway you are to destroy the fighters your wingleader snapped on the first mission.
HINT: Watchout for the AAA at Kimpo!

Each mission briefing has a map which clearly explains the objectives.

The reconnaissance photos are worth studying before you take off. Once the AAA starts flying you'll have to act decisively to get the target.

Mission 10

Intercept General Macarthur's C-54 near Suwon.

MiG-15 Mission 1

After 10 gruelling missions in the Yak-9 I received the long awaited notification:

Orders were cut for a promotion to fast jets YAY!
The first MiG mission was a Fighter Sweep near Pyongyang.

Off in formation. Don't forget to jettison those drop tanks before combat!
MiG-15: Mission 2
Fly a CAP near Yonpo Naval Base.

The air action is intense in this mission, with furballs in all directions and heavy AAA. watch your six!

This MiG's in trouble... and it has only 1 engine.

Damaged aircraft trail smoke.

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