MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

Sim Dashboard

WYSIWYG Interface for designing Cockpit Panels

Sim Dasboard allows you to construct all manner of instruments and displays on your PC and then run them on any Android device.
The interface is drag and drop and I had a usable panel running within a few minutes. You can save your results in the cloud and download them onto a new device with a QR code.
Three years later and I still enjoy tweaking the displays.
The design interface runs in a browser on your PC.
I was able to tweak this design in a matter of minutes, it's that easy!
When I click on any screen element a dialogue box appears on the right.
These are the available parameters for the new "Flight Fuel Widget".
It's all drag and drop!
Upon further tweaking...

A great part of the fun in sim-cockpit building is tweaking the software and hardware.

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