Strike Fighters 2: Europe

Publisher's description

Strike Fighters 2 Europe is a jet air-combat game set in hypothetical World War III scenarios - Cold War Gone Hot - where the Soviet Red Army invades West Germany.
Player flyable aircraft include F-100 Super Sabre, F-105 Thunderchief, F-4 Phantom II, F-15 Eagle, A-10 Thunderbolt II, British Hunter and British Harrier!
Campaigns are set in 1960-1970s hypothetical "Cold War Gone Hot" scenarios where the Soviet Red Army invades West Germany. What if Cuban missile crisis was not resolved peacefully in 1962? What if Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 lead to a wider scale war in Europe? What if Soviet had decided to invade West Germany in 1979 instead of Afghanistan? Join the US Air Force, Royal Air Force, or newly reformed German Air Force, and scramble to defend the Western Europe!
The game is designed for Windows 7/Vista and DX10 capable video card. It can be merged with other games in the series (Strike Fighters 2, Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam, and Strike Fighters 2 Israel) for additional aircraft, maps, missions, and campaigns.

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