Strike Fighters 2: Expansion Pack 2

Publisher's description

Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 2 is the second expansion pack for our popular Strike Fighters 2 series of air combat games.
The Expansion Pack adds Lightning F.1/2/3/6, Hunter F.1/2/4/5 and F-100A/C Super Sabre as player-flyable aircraft.
The Expansion Pack also features a Mission Editor that allows the player to easily edit and change any mission parameters, change enemy aircraft types, and add/remove new flights.
When installed with Strike Fighters 2 Europe, this expansion opens up a new hypothetical campaign is set in the 1956 Cold War Europe - what if the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956 lead to a full scale invasion of West Germany?

New Player Flyable Aircraft

New AI Aircraft

New Features

New Campaign (requires Strike Fighters: Europe)

Additional "Bonus" Contents

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