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Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic

Publisher's description

Strike Fighters 2 North Atlantic is a jet air-combat game set in hypothetical Cold War Soviet invasion of Iceland. The player flyable aircraft include the F-14 Tomcat and A-7 Corsair II.
The campaign is set in a 1979 hypothetical "Cold War gone Hot" scenario - what if the Soviet Union had decided to invade West Germany in 1979? The key to Soviet victory in Europe rests in the capture of Iceland and its vital strategic US base located there. With the Soviets in control of Iceland, the NATO forces would not be able to contain the Soviet Northern Fleet, and the American reinforcement fleets would not be able to reach Europe.
Join the US Navy and USS Nimitz Carrier Battle Group sent to reinforce the Iceland defense, protect the carrier from Soviet long-range bombers, and strike the Kiev battle group of the Soviet Northern Fleet!
The game is designed for Windows 7/Vista with a DX10 capable video card. It can be merged with other games in the series (Strike Fighters 2, Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam, Strike Fighters 2 Europe, and Strike Fighters 2 Israel) for additional aircraft, maps, missions, and campaigns.
WARNING: This game does not work on Windows XP or on DX9-class video cards! You must have Windows Vista or later, and a DX10-class video card (nVidia GeForce 8-series or better, or AMD HD2000 or better)

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