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In the first campaign mission you had to escort Boris Yeltsin to safety ... somewhat reminiscent of the plot of the 1998 movie "Air Force One".
Each campaign mission was preceded by a video briefing and a chat with your squadron mates, then a detailed brief from CAG.
The briefing map showed your waypoints, which you could adjust to taste.

In the Mission 1: CAG Briefing the CAG gives you and your wingman (who never looks terribly interested) details of the mission.
We've got us an emergency situation. The new Russian government is seeking to put Boris Yeltsin on trial and execute him.
The president has asked us to help him escape.
At this moment, Yeltsin is on an airliner headed toward the Ukranian border. Now you're going to intercept the airliner and see that it makes it safely to a Ukranian airport.
You may encounter Russian interceptors attempting to force the airliner to land.
Do not, repeat, do NOT fire on any Russian aircraft unless it appears that the airliner is in imminent danger.
Go to it!
Be careful out there."
CAG. ca.1993

Select the Campaign: Ukraine 1997

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