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Valley Forge

MiGMan’s Combat Diary

F2H-2 Banshee 301 - Familiarisation Flight

"301. You and your wingman are on a Familiarisation Flight towards Haeju airfield. Some F-84e's fly past as you approach enemy territory - they are just there for local colour. As you approach the runway, 4 Yak-9s will take-off and dogfight you. If you throttle up, you may get a chance to rocket them on their take-off roll. The ground objects are not valid targets. Once the Yak-9's are eliminated you may return to the Carrier."

Familiarisation Flight !!!!!!!!
Is that what you call it? I became very familiar with a smoking hole in the ground.

I played this mission about 10 times before I survived! The dogfighting is so fast paced - one slip and you're a goner! Great stuff.

The pilot looks a little underfed but the cannon certainly looks healthy.

F2H-2 Banshee 302 - Ready 5

"302. You and your wingman are on Ready 5 and launch to assist 2 USAF F-51 Mustangs that have been jumped by 4 Yak-9s. 2 La-7's join the fray, but 4 USAF F-84e's are on their way and will help you eliminate the enemy fighters."

A massive furball off the Korean coast ensues. I took down a few Yaks and eventually had to limp away trailing smoke.

All that black smoke below is coming from my aircraft!

F2H-2 Banshee 303 - Escort

"303. Your Flight of four Banshees meets up with four Tigercats and escorts them to bomb Haeju. Don't warp whilst you are with the Tigercats or you may lose them. Remember to throttle back and trim up to stay with them - they are travelling at about 300Kts. 2 Yak-9s take off from Haeju airfield as you approach and are tasked with hitting the bombers. The ground targets are now valid and you may rocket and bomb them after the Tigercats have finished their run. Don't stay too long, as on the way out, 2 La-7's will attack your flight of fighters."
Another tough one - he he he - they're all tough! The camouflage on those Yaks just blends right in with the terrain.
Screaming earthward at 500 knots - squinting through patchy cloud... there he is!!!
Now which way is he turning?
Adjust... adjust... got him... got him...
Head on!
Oops... Aaarrrrrrrrrgh!

F2H-2 Banshee 304 - Gunboats

"304. The Fleet is being approached by a group of 4 gunboats somewhere between waypoints 2 & 3. You and your wingmen must eliminate them. You then proceed to waypoint 4 to find a second group of 2 gunboats on their way to waypoint 5. You will be bounced by 2 MiG-15s, but must still eliminate the gunboats. Fortunately, 2 Banshees have launched after you and will help out."

I was whacked and battered by these Gunboats. You have to fly a circular approach - they're good shots and if you fly "predictably" they WILL hit you!

You get about 2 seconds "in the slot" before having to pull up. Exhilarating stuff.

F2H-2 Banshee 305 - MiGCAP

"305. Your flight of 4 is on CAP. Between waypoints 3 and 4 you will encounter 4 MiGs. Between waypoints 4 and 5, you will encounter 2 more MiGs.."

Get ready to tangle with the MiG!!!

F2H-2 Banshee 306 - Convoy

"Your Flight of 4 attacks a moving convoy of 11 trucks and tanks between waypoints 3 & 4. At waypoint 4 you'll help out 2 F-51 Mustangs who are attacking 14 parked trucks in two groups of 7 each. Surprisingly, there are no enemy aircraft. The City buildings are for local colour, and are not valid targets."

You really need those visual aids like "labels" - this image was taken about 1 second from ground impact and those trucks are still pretty small! Also - these trucks are parked nice and neatly in a clearing - the previous convoy was moving across wooded terrain and was very hard to pick out.

F2H-2 Banshee 307 - CAP

"307. You and your wingman launch to help out a CAP of 4 Banshees who are being attacked by 4 MiGs.
Just after waypoint 2, you are ambushed by 4 MiGs, and depending on how long you stay, two more Banshees from the Valley Forge will join you. You then head on to Waypoint 3, and help out the CAP. On the way home you pass over Ongjin airfield at Waypoint 5, which has been captured by the Marines, and has grounded aircraft. This is just local colour."

These MiG's are good. They mst be elite Soviet "Instructor Pilots"...

F2H-2 Banshee 308 - Rail Strike

"308. Your Flight of 4 hits the Marshalling Yard at Changyon, waypoint 4. Fly ahead of your wingmen to get a first shot at the Rolling Stock, because when they arrive, they are pretty lethal. It is not necessary to destroy the building, just the Locomotives, Wagons, and Fuel tanks. If you stay too long, 4 MiGs will jump you."

Dont hit the Assembly Building.

F2H-2 Banshee 309 - BARCAP

"309. You and your wingman launch to intercept 2 Yak-9's around waypoint 2 inbound to the Fleet. They will soon be joined by 2 La-7's. You are backed up by 2 Banshees that launch to arrive a few minutes after you. Having eliminated these aircraft, you proceed to waypoint 3, and during your flight to waypoint 4, you will encounter 4 Banshees dogfighting four MiGs."

At last! We met the Yaks over sea - their Green camouflage stood out nicely against the blue water. This time they were mine!

F2H-2 Banshee 310 - Photo Recon

"310. You and your wingman are on a photo-recon mission to P'Yonggang airfield. You are supposed to fly straight down the centre of the airfield to take the photographs, but since CFS doesn't support photo-recon, whatever you do will count as success. On the way out, you are jumped by 4 MiGs. But 4 USAF F-84e's in the area pick up you radio chatter and come to your aid."

A few snaps just to show I was there!

F2H-2 Banshee 311 - RESCAP

"311. 2 of your comrades have been hit by AAA fire over Changyon and have ditched their Banshees at waypoint 3. They are being approached by two convoys of ground troops, in 4 trucks each. There is already a rescap in the area consisting of 2 Banshees, who are starting an attack on the convoys when you arrive. You help to eliminate the convoys, and then the 2 Banshees who are low on fuel and ammo are supposed to return to the carrier, leaving you on CAP. You should circle the downed Banshees whilst you await the arrival of 2 M*A*S*H Helicopters that will take the pilots to the nearby Marine Base at Ongjin. You probably saw these Helicopters on your way in. You will be then attacked by 2 MiGs, followed several minutes later by 2 more MiGs. A flight of 2 back-up Banshees arrive from the Carrier to take over the CAP from you. If you have eliminated the four MiGs, you may leave them to escort the Helos and return to the Valley Forge."

Gotta look after those choppers - never know when I might need one myself!

F2H-2 Banshee 312 - Escort

"312 You and your wingman fly to the Marine Airfield at Ongjin to form-up with 4 Tigercats that are taking off from the field when you arrive. Do not warp once you have picked them up or you will lose sight of them. Remember to throttle back and trim up to stay with them - they are travelling at about 300Kts. Escort them to P'Yonggang airfield, where they will peform a Bombing run. You will see smoke at the airfield because a (fictional) first Flight of Tigercats has already attacked. You may make a one-pass rocket attack on the grounded aircraft, but don't stay too long, because the Tigercats will be bounced by 4 MiGs at waypoint 5, and you need to sweep ahead and protect them. Whilst this is happening a third flight of four Tigercats escorted by 2 Banshees will arrive at P'Yonggang and commence bombing the airfield. Depending on how long you take dogfighting the MiGs, the Banshees may arrive and help you. Once the MiGs are eliminated, you may return to the Carrier. "

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