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MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum

WWII Fighters

Reference Material

The Museum has video interviews with Aces, video, detailed pictures and audio describing each system in the main aircraft, info on Air Forces, Ground Forces, videos on the campaigns, and it is all produced up to the standard we've come to expect from Jane's Combat Simulations in the past few years, i.e. a very high standard.

Francis "Gabby Gabreski" had 28 victories in Europe and then 4 1/2 more in Korea during the 1950's.

The last- flying German made Messerschmidt 109

The Museum in World War 2 Fighters kept me occupied for days and days of browsing through the videos, voice-overs and detailed displays. Here is a sample of the P-51 Mustang information shown in the Museum:
P-51 Mustang Rolls Royce Engine
P-51 Mustang cockpit
P-51 Mustang guns mechanism
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