Aircraft: Fictional

    Boeing CH-67 Huron
    • local_airportBoeing CH-67 Huron
    • precision_manufacturing Boeing
    • content_paste "A twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. It is a modernized version of the CH-47 Chinook and its primary role is the transportation of troops, vehicles and cargo. The Huron exists in two variants: the armed variant with two side gunners manning 6.5 mm gatling guns, and the transport version which replaces the gunners with two additional passenger positions."
    • tagCombatRotary WingFictional
    Mil Mi-290 Taru
    • local_airportMil Mi-290 Taru
    • precision_manufacturing Mil
    • content_paste "The Mi-290 Taru is a heavy utility helicopter with coaxial rotors and a unique modular construction. Various mission pods allow the Taru to serve many different roles. The helicopter can also transport light vehicles thanks to sling loading capabilities. "
    • tagCombatRotary WingFictional
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