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MiGMan’s Flight Sim Museum


TR160 | Unpacking | Initial inspection | CAD

By late 2023 I had settled on the Trak Racer TR160 as my platform of choice for the Mk.VII.
I used TinkerCAD to think about how I was going to mount the panels.
The plan was to:
Well, the arrival of my TR160 from Trak Racer put that plan on pause.
23 boxes of high quality kit.

The build quality and sturdiness of the TR160 components is above and beyond what I expected.

The TR160 mounting solutions are:
I look forward to using the bespoke mounting solutions from Trak Racer. The option of designing a custom instrument panel is by no means off the dance card, but much less likely.
That's how I feel now. Let's see how the process evolves!

Mk.VII mockups in TinkerCAD, based on the TR160 dimensions.

The final result will be quite a way from my 1992 effort: MiGPit Mk.I. but you can see the connection!