• Recon flight
  • content_pasteTake off from Zvartnots International
    SW to Lake Van Golu
    (Cancelled this leg - SE to the bridge across the centre of Lake Urmia)
    N to Lake Sevan
    W to Zvartnots International.
    This was quite a long flight due to the inadequate flight planner (me). Next time I'll just take off, head south and circle the enormous mountain peak and RTB. Or fly to Azat Reservoir where the dam is quite stunning.
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  • Armenia  Armenia
  • location_cityYerevan
  • flight_takeoffZvartnots UDYZ
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  • Recon flight in Artsakh
  • content_pasteTake off from airport in Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh.
    o Got lost
    o Once again realised that relying on google maps' driving instructions is a mistake!
    o Worst landing to date... ran into the mud!
    o On the plus side... absolutely gorgeous sunset!
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  • Armenia  Armenia
  • location_cityStepanakert
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