Rune Spaans

  • content_paste" In 1996, I was in a group of six Funcom employees that left the company to start our own business. Initially we were starting a norwegian branch of DMA Designs, but financial issues at DMA left us starting an independent company instead. (Ironically, DMA Designs released Grand Theft Auto a couple of years later - no more financial issues for them!) We named the company Innerloop, and since our programmers had come up with a nice 3D fractal landscape engine, we decided to do a flight simulator.

    A year or so later we released Joint Strike Fighter, a pretty successful action flight simulator. We wanted to make a game that combined the accessibility of classic simulators like A-10 Cuba (PC) and Interceptor (Amiga) and the depth of contemporary simulators. I was the lead artist on the project, and did most of the in-game graphics as well as some presentation art. Here are some of the artwork I made for the game, both in-game artwork and promotional material. The artwork is a blend of 3D render and digitally painted images. "
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