A320 Airbus

A320 Airbus was released in 1992 on the Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and PC.

Rob "Bomber" Hendersonremembers :

" A320 AIRBUS by Thallion : This was bar far the most complex civilian flight sim I flew on the Amiga. It was developed in conjunction with the airline LUFTHANSA of Germany. The sim came with a huge manual, a massive "notepad" containing Jeppessen airfield approach charts for almost every controlled airfield in Central Europe, and 4 high level navigation charts, and a massive poster of a real A320 cockpit....

Working for the airline!
Graphics and Sound

Promotional Poster

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Dominic Smithinformed me in 2001 that A320 had been re-released :

" It's done by GuilHall Leisure at http://www.guildhallleisure.com. It's basically an upadate of A320, not very good graphics by today's standards, but gameplay is good, plus you get loads of maps. Quite hard to find anything about really, it's a shame, because it has rather good gameplay. Here's a link to some shots of it. It's all in German I'm afraid. this site."

I couldn't find any details at http://www.guildhallleisure.com - I even emailed them with no luck - so best of British luck trying to buy it!

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