remembers :

" A320 AIRBUS by Thallion : This was bar far the most complex civilian flight sim I flew on the Amiga. It was developed in conjunction with the airline LUFTHANSA of Germany. The sim came with a huge manual, a massive "notepad" containing Jeppessen airfield approach charts for almost every controlled airfield in Central Europe, and 4 high level navigation charts, and a massive poster of a real A320 cockpit....

Working for the airline!
Graphics and Sound

Promotional Poster

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Dominic Smithinformed me in 2001 that A320 had been re-released :

" It's done by GuilHall Leisure at It's basically an upadate of A320, not very good graphics by today's standards, but gameplay is good, plus you get loads of maps. Quite hard to find anything about really, it's a shame, because it has rather good gameplay. Here's a link to some shots of it. It's all in German I'm afraid. this site."

I couldn't find any details at - I even emailed them with no luck - so best of British luck trying to buy it!