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Aces High
Exhibit: Aces High

Year: 2000
Developer: HiTech Creations
Platform: PC
Collection: No
Comments: Based in Texas USA, HiTech was founded in 1999 and is still going! Almost unique in the history of online flight sims, this is a credit to their love for the hobby.

Screens from 2001

Japanese A6M5b in Aces High German Panzer-IV Type H in Aces High
Japanese A6M5b | Panzer-IV Type H

Italian C.205 in Aces High American F4U-1D in Aces High
Italian C.205 | American F4U-1D

British Hurricane IIC in Aces High Russian IL-2 Type3 in Aces High
British Hurricane IIC | Russian IL-2 Type3

Aces High German Me-262 A-1 in Aces High
American M-3 | German Me-262 A-1

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