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Blue Angels Blue Angels was released in 1989 as an Aerobatic Flight Sim featuring the US Navy's F/A-18 Hornets.

Tom Elliot provided these memories:
" I played Blue Angels briefly back in '89. The graphics were okay for their time. The game revolved around airshow displays. 3D displays of the aerobatic maneuver in question could be viewed, and then the player could hop into an F-18 and join the Blue Angels. Unfortunately the flight dynamics were almost non existent, for example, turning off the engine would bring the plane to a halt, some distance from the ground, and the aircraft could be rotated around it's axis. It also had digitised speech, which played through the PC speaker (The pilot in command would shout `Break! Break!' if you flew the pattern too poorly). I enjoyed flying around the airshow scenery, but the game only held my interest briefly, as I preferred more realistic flight models."

Blue Angels box cover

Blue Angels box back
Box Scans courtesy of Jasen Rogers.