Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat

Pilot Career Utility: YAC

YAC provides a utility to generate, record and display pilot careers for Chuck Yeager's Air Combat by Electronic Arts. The user may keep track of separate pilots for each flyable plane in CYAC.
Select plane to fly (to select a menu item, type the number)
Create a pilot if one doesn't exist (if a pilot doesn't exist for a particular plane, then choosing any sub-menu item will kick you back to the main menu)
Generate mission (if no contact is made, then generate another one)
Start CYAC and fly mission as generated in mission briefing
If bailed out or crashed, determine survival
After mission is complete, update pilot record by filling out the information on outcome of mission
Keep generating missions, flying and recording for full campaign
You may check the status of your pilot or current rankings at any time
You may check the top 15 overall pilot rankings of all pilot databases (across all plane types)
Note - this runs in DOS
Hermonat Software, Toronto, Canada
Mark Hermonat
Right click here to download - 58K
You may only maintain one active pilot for each plane.
To answer yes or no questions, please type a "y" or "n" key.
There is no facility to maintain the total pilot records for each plane.
You must use a text editor to edit the .log files and delete pilots no longer wanted or the pilot rankings will continue to grow and grow and grow. I think each database needs at least one record to be able to function properly.
You may use Windows to toggle back and forth between CYAC and YAC (helps in remembering the outcome of the missions).
The mission generation routines were based on an article published in `Computer Gaming World' circa 1991 in an article on a dice-based mission generation system for CYAC. Credit goes to this article and the author who's name is not known by me at this moment
YAC created by Mark Hermonat, all rights reserved.