F-5 Tiger II (Venom Zero Productions)

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I have been a flight simulation enthusiast ever since my first simulator FS2002.
I believe the revolutionary jump in flight simulation since MSFS 2020 has created the new golden age and increased interest in the genre and I hope it continues to attract newcomers and grow this community I have loved for over two decades.
I have always been thankful to the many developers who have, over the years, filled in the missing gaps (particularly in Mil/Tacair aircraft) for the community. In particular, Dino’s (IndiaFoxtEcho) and other new developers including Got Friends have ensured that us military aircraft enthusiast continue to get what we need to keep the MSFS platform interesting.
MSFS 2020 ignited my interest in livery/skin development, and after creating over a hundred liveries, I needed a new challenge. I found various developer groups including the one created by Got Friends. It is a great community of interest with many experienced and helpful individuals supporting and teaching new developers like myself to get their bearings.
As I entered the journey, I gained a new appreciation for the hard work, along with the frustration, of developing an aircraft for MSFS. The F-5 is a labor of love that has been in development since Christmas 2022. While this aircraft is NOT meant to be a Study Level, Systems deep aircraft, I hope it still provides you hours of enjoyment on your simming journey.
Thank You
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