F-18E Superhornet

  • content_pasteThis sim demanded your full attention. It detected you were not giving full attention... and then turned around and bit you hard! The computers did their best to fly the plane where you pointed it, but couldn't rescue you from gross errors of judgement like my full loops at low altitude! From a hard-core point of view I like this... it forced you to correct sloppy habits and get into the checklist mentality.. getting into a "landing state of mind" when landing... not dwelling on the fantastic dogfight you just had / didn't have. This indeed is the essence of creating an immersive sim!
  • date_rangePublished: 1999
  • precision_manufacturingDigital Integration | Titus
  • tagMilitaryCarrier
  • MiG-rating:  5/5  ACE. A genuine legend in the genre.