Harrier Jump Jet (pub 2002) : Aircraft modelled in the sim

  • local_airportHarrier
  • precision_manufacturing
  • content_pasteThere are many variants of this iconic S/VTOL aircraft. I have the AV-8B in the fleet.
  • content_pasteAV-8S Harrier, Thai Navy, AV-8B Harrier, Italian Navy, AV-8B Harrier, USMC, AV-8S Matador, Spanish Navy, EAV-8B+, Spanish Navy, FA.2 Sea Harrier, FRS.1 Sea Harrier, FRS.51 Sea Harrier, Indian Navy, Gr.1 Harrier, Gr.3 Harrier, Gr.5 Harrier, Gr.7 Harrier, FGA.1 Kestrel, T8N Sea Harrier TAV-8S Matador, Spanish Navy
  • tagMilitaryS/VTOLMiGForceJet
  • local_airportThis a/c is flyable in the sim.