Aircraft: Prop

    Edgley EA-7 Optica
    • local_airportEdgley EA-7 Optica
    • precision_manufacturing Edgley
    • content_paste Cruise ~ 80-100 kts | Ac model by Got Friends. Livery by Donka. | Has to he hands down the best view out of the cockpit short of flying a gyrocopter, which has no protection from the elements. Plus, this plane is a veritable head-turner!
    • tagCivilPropSight SeeingMiGForce
    Icon A5
    • local_airportIcon A5
    • precision_manufacturing Icon
    • content_paste Livery by Donka. | Ac modelled very nicely by Asobo. It feels like you're sitting in a small car rather than an aircraft, and that seems to be authentic. A good slow speed sight-seer and of course it's also amphibious. Remains underutilised ATM but I must drag it out for local flights where there are any water features about the place.
    • tagCivilPropAmphibiousMiGForce
    Pilatus PC-21
    • local_airportPilatus PC-21
    • precision_manufacturing Pilatus
    • content_paste Two marques in the fleet, one by Deimos and the other by IRIS Simulations. | Fast turbo-prop used by many airforces to transition pilots from prop to fast jets.
    • tagMilitaryPropTrainerMiGForce
    Zlin Shock Ultra
    • local_airportZlin Shock Ultra
    • precision_manufacturing Zlin
    • content_paste Cruise ~ 80kts | Sightseeing. Excellent visibility. | VERY short take off and landing. Can operate on most terrain. | Evolution: Piper Cub > Zlin Shock Cub > Zlin Shock Ultra (ultralight) | Ac modelled phenomenonally well by Asobo. Livery by Donka.
    • tagCivilPropSight SeeingMiGForce
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