IL-2 Sturmovik: Wings over Jungles

  • content_pasteWings over Jungles is a campaign pack containing four separate campaigns for the flight simulator PACIFIC FIGHTERS (PF). 1. ’Monkey’ (US3) where you take the role of a WWII US Navy Fighter pilot flying from aircraft carriers. 2: ’Angel’ (US4) in which you are flying for the US Marine Corps as a dive bomber and later as a fighter pilot. 3: ’Kyuden’ (IJ3) which lets you fly as a Japanese Navy fighter pilot from aircraft carriers. 4: 'Katana’ (IJ4) which leads you as a Japanese Navy fighter pilot to various assignments.
  • date_rangePublished: 2008
  • precision_manufacturingPlusWave Expansions
  • tagMilitaryWorld War IIMultiplayer
  • MiG-rating: Not rated
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