Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 : Camera Settings Checklist

Setting up a new a/c
To move camera externally
Save 1 custom view
Steam users | Users/xxxx/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator/SimObjects/Airplanes/Asobo_FA18E/cameras.cfg
2021 - camera.cfg moved to c:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SimObjects\Airplanes Negative. Only files I have there are serial no.s for JustFlight a/c
Location of FIXED views | Users/xxxx/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator/Packages/Community/indiafoxtecho-mb339/SimObjects/Airplanes/IndiaFoxTecho_MB339A/cameras.cfgvideo
BACKUP original cameras.cfg
Change InitialXYZ to = -0.5xxxThis moves the viewpoint outside the cockpit
Custom Camera No.
1Custom pilot position
2Recon cam / Under nose - Fore
3Recon cam / Under nose - Left
4Recon cam / Under nose - Right
5Recon cam / Under nose - Aft
6Custom pilot position - Landing view
7Custom externally mounted
8Custom externally mounted
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Camera positions
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Editing properties of each view
MSFS SDK Camera Properties 
Restart the sim so it can reload the CAMERAS.CFG file | Also tried loading different ac and reloading in Dev mode, seems to make no differenceYou don’t need to restart the sim when you are doing changes in the camera.cfg file. Run the sim in dev mode, and after a change simply reload the aircraft.
Properties | Comments
Every camera definition must have an origin that defines the object or point on which the camera is oriented. In Microsoft Flight Simulator, we principally use Virtual Cockpit or Center
Origin strings: 
Cockpit - Camera is locked at fixed position in the 2D cockpit. Forward views include 2D instrument panel. Oblique view angle show virtual cockpit interior. 
Virtual Cockpit - Camera is mounted at the eye point defined in the aircraft's CFG file.Seems to be the most useful one, defaults to this when creating custom views.
Center - External (spot plane) camera that points at the center of the aircraft's visual model.  
Pilot - External (spot plane) camera that points at the pilot position inside the aircraft's visual model.  
Tower - External camera mounted at a control tower defined via the facilities (BGLCOMP) database. 
Fixed - External camera at a fixed position. Fixed camera definitions must include FixedLatitude, FixedLongitude and FixedAltitude values.  
WorldObject - Used by SimConnect clients. Not available through CFG settings.  
MomentumEffect | Controls whether the camera exhibits momentum effect. The default value is TRUE (1).Set to 0, NO EFFECT
SmoothZoomTimeChanged to 0 from 5, no effect
When switching between camera views a "smooth" transition is obtained by moving the camera in real time from its old location to the new one. Note that this behavior is only applied if the Transition settings for both cameras are set to TRUE (1). If either or both are set to FALSE (0) then the view switch is instantaneous. 2/4/22 Not working. Tried: 0, 1, adding double quotes around value.
Determines whether lens flare effect can be shown (based on user setting). The default value is FALSE (0).2/4/22 Not working. Tried 0 and 1.
"Minimum" – Clamps the near clip plane at its absolute minimum value (1 meter). Useful for cameras where the camera is placed close to object geometry (e.g., aircraft cameras).2/4/22 Not working. Tried "Minimum" on MB-339 and T-45
String: "Aircraft" "AirTraffic" "Cockpit" "Custom" "Outside" "Multiplayer" "Runway" "Scenery" "Tower" "FixedOnPlane" 
Fly-by Camera
Showcase Camera
Reset the position 
Track mode on 
Follow mode off 
Slew to a mid-field / fly by you fly, the camera will track you as if being filmed by a viewer. ) - from DC Designs