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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 : F-22 Checklists


Speeds Payloads Lights
Engine Start Pre Taxi Taxi Pre Takeoff Takeoff
Penetration Pattern Downwind Final Go Around
Park Shutdown


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Fuselage Nose | Nose Landing Gear | Right Forward Fuselage | Right Main Landing Gear | Right Wing | Fuselage (Right Aft Side) | Empennages | Left Aft Fuselage | Left Wing | Left Main Landing Gear | Left Forward Fuselage
This Raptor model does not have manual flaps. 


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Use the Primary MFD (PMFD) to adjust payloadsMENU > CFG > SIM
PMFD has 2 modes: 1. Moving Map 2. Payload


FBW system uses the water rudder variable to enable/disable. This is assigned to CHUTE RLS. so disable the lower posn, 21


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Landing gear extension and speed limit: 290 KCAS 

Engine Start

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Cold and Dark Startups
Sim menuHide remove before flight items: ladder, wheel chocks, etc
MSFS Assistance Options 
The flight model will not perform correctly or handle properly if you have set any of the “Piloting” options under the “Assistance Options” menu to anything other than “Hard”.


Aircraft is clear of ground personnel, equipment, and debris
Parking BrakeON
Close the canopy 
SMFD Engines PageCNTL menu (engine control menu)
White box and text will show when selected.
 Press “Quick Start” button.
APU and engine starter sequence will automatically start.
The remove before flight tags, wheel chocks, ladder, or towbar, if present will be hidden as soon as the Quick Start button is selected – you will not need to hide these within the SIM configuration menu.
Once engines have reached 25% RPM:
Generator Switch 1ON / CONNECT
Generator Switch 2ON / CONNECT
Once the engines are running and generators connected, shut down the APU if it is no longer needed.
Exit the engine control menuPress “CNTL” button again
Pitot Heat and Anti-Icing Equipment are always on (automatically) when the electrical system is running.

Pre Taxi

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Primary Multifunction Flight Display 
The PMFD has two distinct configuration screens; one is used for configuring the Moving Map Display with your preferences, and the other controls the visual display elements for the aircraft when cold and dark and the display and loading of weapons and drop tanks.


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Pre Takeoff

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Auto-trim | The Raptor model does not have a manual trim function.
Auto-flaps | The Raptor does not have a manual flaps system.


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Auto-trim | The Raptor model does not have a manual trim function.
Auto-flaps | The Raptor does not have a manual flaps system.
ThrottleMIL power only
Rotate140 kts


Do not initiate the rotation at lower speeds or you may cause a loss of lift, tail strikes, and potentially damage or destroy the aircraft.
Pitch10 - 12 degrees


Do not over-rotate as the aircraft has a very powerful pitch control response even at low speeds and you can easily over-rotate the aircraft and cause a tail strike.
Best climb speed300 - 350 kts


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The sim will report inaccurate airspeed when airspeed exceeds supersonic values at intermediate and high altitudes.


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Auto-trim | The Raptor model does not have a manual trim function.
Auto-flaps | The Raptor does not have a manual flaps system.
When landing gear is extended, the simulated fly by wire system switches to a takeoff and approach mode that reduces roll and pitch rates by about 35% for more deliberate and docile handling.


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AOA10 - 12 deg
To help with maintaining the correct approach angle of attack, there is a small indicator line on the left side of the flight path marker that will appear when landing gear is down, that will extend above or below the horizontal cross line the marker when you are above or below the target AoA. Keep this marker on the line and you will be holding 12 degrees AoA.
Rate of Descent400 - 500 fpm
Touchdown127 - 130 kts
AOA10 - 12 deg
After touchdown
Speed BrakeDeploy
AOA10 - 13 deg
< 100kts the nose will automatically drop toward to the runway.
Wheel BrakesON
< 30kts retract speed brakes 

Go Around

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Parking BrakeON
SMFD Engines PageOpen
 < CNTL menu
 < Pump
Deactivates fuel pump for the respective engine to shut down (no longer showing white text and box when off).
 < Ign
Deactives the engine ignition system.
Repeat the above steps for the other engine (if shutting down both engines)
Electronics switchesOFF
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