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ZX-81 Flight Sims
Exhibit: ZX-81 Flight Sims

Developer: Various
Publisher: Various
Platform: ZX81 Sinclair Spectrum
Collection: No.
Comments: Type in a flight sim from a magazine? Yes, that was computer flight simulation in the early 1980s.

Balloon sim

SInclair ZX 81 balloon sim graphics
The graphics were fairly... basic... pardon the pun!

Flight Simulator

"Flight Simulator" (actual name) for the Sinclair ZX-81, actually required you to have the 16kB expansion pack to load - in my opinion it was the best flight simulator ever when you look at full system utilization and optimization. I still have it in a box somewhere : - )

I would not load on the stock 1kB. Cian de Buitleir (2006)

... the awfully badly designed Sinclair Ram-Packs

You slotted them onto a bare piece of circuitboard at the back of the ZX-81 and then you prayed that it didn't wobble too much, because if it did it usually shorted out (I managed to that 3 times ). This lead to the local store getting fed-up with replacing Ram-packs on guarantee and eventually asking me I would like to upgrade to a Spectrum ( a very real and heavy 'Puter at that time)

Thanks to GREMLIN