15 minutes of fun
about:   Now here's where the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 drags you in... at about 200 feet altitude and focussed on the approach I was suddenly told by ATC to abort the landing - "Go around", I think they said, I can't remember exactly what but I got the message!
software:   Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
aircraft:   BAE Systems Hawk   country:   Egypt     locale: Cairo
tags:   15 minutes of fun   ATC   Scenery  
published:   2002
15 minutes of FUN in Egypt  
about:   Saw the pyramids, of course... and nearly got clobbered by a taxi driver as I rolled out on landing.   airport:   Cairo International   country:   Egypt     locale: Cairo
published:   2021   updated:   2021-04-04