MiGMan’s World Tour

What is MiGMan’s World Tour?

Let me show you all the cool and fun places I've found in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

You will want to take these flights again and again. I know I do!
Make the entire world your playground as you get to know the local neighbourhood... in every country in the world.

These missions are designed for VISUAL flying.

So, forget about your autopilot, get your head on a swivel, your hand on the stick, and enjoy the fantastic scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The MiGMan's World Tour format

Using just the two flight plans included in Africa 4, I spent a fun-filled week exploring Cape Town, South Africa. Some of my explorations lasted a few minutes, some an hour. Check them out and get inspiration for your own flights.
Using only one flight plan from Europe 4, I spent a fun filled week exploring sunny Cardiff, Wales.

Back to the basics. Good old fashioned stick and rudder flying. Feel the wind in your hair, look out the window and enjoy the view!