Aircraft: Trainer

    Aermacchi M-346 Master
    • local_airportAermacchi M-346 Master
    • precision_manufacturing Aermacchi
    • content_paste Twin engined transonic jet trainer originally developed with Yaklovev. The Yak-130, with a similar form factor, entered service with the Russian Air Force in 2010. | M-346FA is the multirole variant pictured here. | A/c by India Fox Techo.
    • tagMilitaryJetTrainerMiGForce
    Flight Design CT
    • local_airportFlight Design CT
    • precision_manufacturing Flight Design
    • content_paste "Family of high-wing, tricycle undercarriage, two seat, ultralight and light-sport aircraft" - Wikipedia
    • tagTrainer
    Pilatus PC-21
    • local_airportPilatus PC-21
    • precision_manufacturing Pilatus
    • content_paste Two marques in the fleet, one by Deimos and the other by IRIS Simulations. | Fast turbo-prop used by many airforces to transition pilots from prop to fast jets.
    • tagMilitaryPropTrainerMiGForce
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