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  • Optimising & tweaking Prepar3D v.5 graphics performance
  • content_pasteI enjoy flying the F-16 fast and at treetop level... who wouldn't! But at all levels I was getting stuttering and slowdowns. The stuttering being much more immersion breaking that any slowdown. Anyway, cutting to the chase after hours and hours and hours over many nights, I worked out the single most important graphic setting (for my rig). And it's one I would NEVER have guessed.
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  • Falcon BMS: Installation
  • content_pasteGo to Steam and download the original falcon 4.0 (not allied force) then go to benchmarksims.org and sign up (for free) click on forums and the click on updates click BMS 4.34 and download using the provided torrent link.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraFalcon BMS
  • local_airportGeneral Dynamics F-16 Falcon
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  • MiG-Pit Night Flight Capers
  • content_pastePC takes the MiG-Pit for a spin and lands under the wing of a C-130 Hercules, thereby losing 3 points off his licence!
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  • local_airportGeneral Dynamics F-16 Falcon
  • tag15 minutes of fun
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