• MiGPit Mk VI in action
  • content_pasteDemonstration of the MiGPit Mk.VI featuring:
    1- Custom panels I put together with Sim Dashboard showing flight, engine and nav data from the sim.
    2 - Moving Map Display (MMD) with Little Nav Map. This is seen in the cockpit on the upper right MFD.
    3 - Inset of the simulation view.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMiGMan’s World Tour
  • Romania  Romania
  • location_cityBucharest
  • flight_takeoffLRBS Baneasa
  • personMiGMan
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  • 3D Perception --/o\-- Simulation Displays
  • precision_manufacturing3D Perception
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  • Project Magenta: PM-Systems demo
  • content_pasteIn this demo video we get a look at Project Magenta's software interfacing Microsoft Flight Simulator with the hardware in a full sized cockpit mockup.
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  • RC Simulations: Ultimate Flight Sim Cockpit
  • content_pasteWith the combination of a Matrox Triple Head monitor system, IR head tracking, realistic collective and a motion base, this is one of the best compact home cockpit setups I have seen yet.
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