• compare_arrowsBushtalk Radio Landmarks: 5800+ POIs for MSFS and LittleNavMap  (external link)
  • Bushtalk Radio Landmarks: 5800+ POIs for MSFS and LittleNavMap
  • " It is so cool to combine my love of geography, of learning new things, AND flying into one cool enhancement. I've added 43 POI's so far and learned about places I now hope to visit IRL once that becomes a thing again. One source of POI and flight ideas for me is the Bing wallpaper app on Windows 10. It puts up a photo of some place in the world, and if looks like it would be cool from the air, I fly there and make a POI. I've also revisited the s universities I've attended and places I visited as a child. Very nostalgic and amazing that MSFS is detailed enough to support this sort of thing. Now that I no longer fly as a pilot OR passenger (someday...), this is a great way to explore this amazing world." - Flying Singer
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  • Navigation IRL (In Real Life) and Flight Simulation
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  • compare_arrowsSectional charts for the USA. Great to have displayed in your home cockpit!  (external link)
  • Sectional charts for the USA. Great to have displayed in your home cockpit!
  • Have you seen this site? It’s US charts only and I don’t think it’s set up for flight planning per se, but it’s great to have a zoomable sectional chart right on my iPad or PC for general orientation and planning. I used to buy these things on paper for my region and others like when I flew in California. The density and clarity of information on these charts is a work of aviation art!'
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