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  • Clearing the nest with ICY BOX

  • As part of the grand overhaul of the MiGBase in late 2020, I replaced a mess of external hard drives and their associated power supplies and USB cables with a nice little ICY BOX!
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  • compare_arrowsData Storage  (external link)
  • Data Storage

  • Flight sims often access large amounts of terrain data during flight, so speed of data access is a crucial issue.
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  • compare_arrowsHide those error messages  (external link)
  • Hide those error messages

  • - not because theyre ugly but because they break my TEXTJOINs
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  • Windows 10 Can’t See Other Computers on Network

  • Made no difference
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  • Windows 10 Can’t See Other Computers on Network - FIXED

  • Win key + R
    type services.msc
    Run it (press enter)
    Find 'Function Discovery Resource Publication'
    Right click and select 'Restart the service'
    That computer should now appear in Network browsers.
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