• compare_arrowsGlobal Ultra v3 | AI Ship Traffic by Henrik Nielsen  (external link)
  • Global Ultra v3 | AI Ship Traffic by Henrik Nielsen

  • Adds over 900 unique ship models and their routes. Very cool and in my opinion the single most game-changing add-on for MSFS. Consider that 70% of the earth's surface is water and that many capital cities are on the coast. Suddenly the blue zones come alive with ships and boats! | V.3 divides the routes into 8 zones, so you can use AddOn linker to only load those you need.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraMicrosoft Flight Simulator 2020 | MiGMan’s World Tour
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  • 2022  
  • Ship Spotting

  • IRL aircraft are used to patrol coasts and identify shipping, that's something which works exceptionally well in the sim.
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