• Recon flight in Italy
  • content_pastewp 1 - Burgerville
    wp 2 - Hermitage Dam
    wp 3 - Port Esquivel Airstrip
    wp 4 - Fort Charles - Remains of a fort originally built in the 1650s, with a small museum & guided tours. As is often the case, the landmark I put the most research into turned out to be the least visible and rendered in autogen!
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  • Italy  Italy
  • location_cityRome
  • flight_takeoffLIRF Fiumicino
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  • Guns, Guns, Guns! (Not Really)
  • content_paste"One of the cool things about Microsoft Flight Simulator is the ability to do multiplayer flights with other players over the internet. I have done quite a few of these, most often group flights where we explore some interesting part of the world while we talk about flying or other things, over Discord or Skype. I've also done flights with my Australian friend Pete (a.k.a. "MiGMan"), often testing out routes in his ongoing MiGMan's World Tour (MMWT) Series. This is an enjoyable social aspect of flight simulation, where airplane nerds can talk with other airplane nerds about airplanes as they pretend to fly them!"
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  • Italy  Italy
  • location_cityNaples
  • personBruce FlyingSinger Irving | MiGMan
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