Open Cut Mines

  • Quirindi, Wallabadah & Currububula

  • Say that four times quickly!
    With a population of around 3,000, Quirindi is typical of many small country towns in Australia. Like many place names in Australia, Quirindi is a word from one of the 400 plus Aboriginal languages. It's meaning is not agreed upon. Wallabadah, population ~ 300 is named after an Aboriginal word meaning 'stone'. Wallabadah Airport appears to be a grass strip NE of town. Currabubula, population ~ 300, named after a word from the Kamilaroi language.
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  • Australia  Australia
  • location_cityN.S.W. | New England North West
  • flight_takeoffYQDI Quirindi
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  • Carpe Cuprum

  • Latin: Sieze the copper! This region of NSW has enormous reserves of copper.
    Copper has been serving mankind for about 11,000 years in weaponry and cookware. Since the work of Franklin and Faraday in the 19c it has been the circulatory system of the modern world, conducting electricity across continents into our homes, and around our electronic devices.
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  • Australia  Australia
  • location_cityN.S.W. | Central West & Orana
  • flight_takeoffYNYN Nyngan
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  • Cobar YCBA

  • Located in the far NW of N.S.W. at the intersection of Kidman Way and the Barrier Highway, Cobar's main activity is mining. One of the oldest, Peak Gold Mine was opened in 1896, and the CSA Mine is one of Australia's highest grade copper mines.
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  • Australia  Australia
  • location_cityN.S.W. | Far West
  • flight_takeoffYCBA Cobar
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  • Open cut mines are a great aid to visual navigation and can even be flown into in a helicopter. It may be possible in a STOL bush aircraft, thought that's something I have not attempted (yet).
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