• Canberra, Australia | Recon flight
  • content_pasteo Flew around Lake George, avoiding the wind turbines (at least there are no bird strikes in that area!)
    o Followed the highway south west back to Canberra
    o Flew around Lake Burley Griffin, past Parliament House and the Australian War Memorial
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  • Australia  Australia
  • location_cityCanberra
  • flight_takeoffCanberra YSCB
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  • Editor from 2001
  • content_pasteDean took over the Editor's role in March 2001 (since Volume 5 issue 5) and has steadily improved the magazine's content and style. He was a regular contributor to Computer Pilot for many years before his new appointment and still contributes articles to this day. He has effected the transition of the magazine from bi-monthly to monthly issues. With an energetic style and eye for detail, Dean has transformed the magazine into the most dynamic and professionally presented flight simulation magazine on the planet!
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  • precision_manufacturingComputer Pilot
  • personDean Bielanowski
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  • Computer Pilot magazine
  • content_pasteVolume 13 was available as a digital download. At 600 pages, it was on special in November 2009 at USD $4.99. To my mind this is an excellent example of a publisher who understands the dynamics of e-publishing. PC Aviator is taking advantage of the economies of e-publishing to deliver great value to the customer with this product.
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  • precision_manufacturingPC Aviator
  • personRobert Ferraro
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