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  • precision_manufacturing3D Perception
  • content_pasteWith over 10,000 visual channels fielded, 3D perception is the world’s preeminent supplier of immersive, curved screen, projected simulator visual display systems. 3D perception designs and supplies turn-key seamless visual Display Systems and technologies for simulation applications.
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  • precision_manufacturing3DFX
  • content_pasteThis was the dawn of 3D graphics acceleration on PCs. The Banshee turned my modest Pentium 233MMX into a screaming graphics machine, with all the great Voodoo graphics effects and a silky smooth frame rate on most sims.
    MiGMan, 1998
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  • precision_manufacturingAimsworth
  • content_pasteThe Aimsworth Viper I was an exacting representation of the real Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon cockpit in all major dimensions, true to the original.
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  • precision_manufacturingAtari
  • content_pasteThe Atari ST 1040 computer was my introduction to the world of flight simulation. Titles like Gunship, Falcon, F-19 Stealth, F-15 Strike Eagle II and others made use of the dedicated graphics and sound hardware built in to the Atari ST. It took some years for the IBM PC's to catch up.
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  • precision_manufacturingCKAS Mechatronics
  • content_pasteManufacturer of Full 6DOF Motion (CKAS V10 6DOF), 200 degree wrap around collimated display system (CKAS DepView 7 Channel), Control loading and full cockpit representation.
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  • precision_manufacturingCubeSim
  • content_pasteMFDs with working displays for Falcon BMS and DCS.
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  • precision_manufacturingJetline Systems
  • content_paste"Purchasing a Jetline Systems PC means buying, not only the best performing simulation PC available, but also service and support that extends to your entire simulation project. Jetline technicians are fully trained on all simulation products and also regularly design and implement simulation software and hardware in the most complex settings. Call in anytime and talk with real-world pilots, engineers, and most importantly, simulation enthusiast!"
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  • precision_manufacturingSaitek
  • content_pasteThere was a time when I flew in MiGMan's MiG-pit Mk-I with 120 functioning switches and buttons. It worked, but what a pain in the khyber it was to reprogram it! In December 1997 Saitek brought out the PC-Dash, a device which when combined with the X-35/36 programmable joystick and throttle effectively replaced my whole cockpit! | As of 2018, Saitek has been acquired by Logitech.
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  • precision_manufacturingSinclair
  • content_paste"

    "Sir Clive Sinclair has been inventing electronic devices for over 35 years. Although he is best known for his computers, he has to date released over 70 different products ranging from amplifiers to multimeters to electric vehicles. He continues to produce new items at the rate of about one a year.

    Thanks to Planet Sinclair.

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  • precision_manufacturingVirpil Controls
  • content_pasteVPC (VirPil Controls) project was first thought of in 2016 by Andrei Lukyanov, a long time flight sim enthusiast who had been flying with custom controllers, dreaming of a more advanced selection of controllers for the flight sim enthusiast.
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  • precision_manufacturingVRS
  • content_paste"Vertical Reality Simulations LLC. (DBA VRS), established in 2004, is an award-winning developer of professional-level PC-based combat aircraft simulation software. Products and solutions are available for consumer and commercial applications."
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  • precision_manufacturingWINWING
  • content_pasteManfacturers of commercial civial aviation training simulators, they have a passion for combat flight simulation which has seen them design and release HOTAS and panels for the military sim enthusiast.
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