Space Flight sims

F-Sim | Space Shuttle
  • F-Sim | Space Shuttle
  • date_range 2005
  • content_pasteLand the Space Shuttle on your iPhone or Android device. Great fun. FlyingSinger put me on to this 10 years ago and I'm still enjoying doing a dead stick landing in the world's most expensive glider!
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  • Orbiter
  • date_range 2005
  • content_pasteMartin Schweiger's "Orbiter" is a freeware space flight simulator for the PC that is fun, powerful, realistic, expandable, and educational. Based on the real science and math of orbital mechanics and atmospheric flight, it features a first-person astronaut's perspective and beautiful 3D graphics. Orbiter's developer, Dr. Martin Schweiger, has created an amazing virtual world of real and fictional spacecraft, space stations, planets, and moons. It includes a variety of spacecraft, space stations, and sample scenarios or missions.
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