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  • Review by popular YouTube channel Sim Hanger Flight Simulation. The review starts at 6 min 39 secs. One slight correction is necessary, the flight plan IS accessible in flight by bringing up the default map display (default key 'V'). If you want to see the NAVLOG within MSFS, you will need the Microsoft Markeplace editions, which were not published at the time of this review.
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  • --/o\-- My first opinion

  • What I said 18 years ago about Flight Sim 2002 seems totally applicable to this new sim:
    Previously to get anywhere near this level of detail for a particular locale you would have to purchase a 3rd party scenery pack and then suffer abominable frame rates.

    With the ability to automatically generate buildings, trees, static and flying aircraft and the associated radio traffic this package must have sent shock waves through companies whose business was based on enhancing the Microsoft sims. Still, the open architecture is there and the Pro version even includes an object / aircraft construction kit.

    I'd imagine some business plans are hastily being rewritten and in the end we are all better off.

    The sim has the ability to support computers and graphic cards that aren't even built yet - but they will be!

    Yet it still runs on an average PC and looks good. Who could have imagined 10 years ago that this level of detail and complexity could be modelled on a PC? Only in my dreams!

    MiGMan, 2002

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  • In orbit over the USA and Australia.

  • I think Orbiter should really be flown in a dark room up close to a big monitor. It's like looking out the window of the Shuttle, with Bach, Strauss, and Ravel cycling in the background.
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  • Bushtalk Radio Landmarks: 5800+ POIs for MSFS and LittleNavMap

  • " It is so cool to combine my love of geography, of learning new things, AND flying into one cool enhancement. I've added 43 POI's so far and learned about places I now hope to visit IRL once that becomes a thing again. One source of POI and flight ideas for me is the Bing wallpaper app on Windows 10. It puts up a photo of some place in the world, and if looks like it would be cool from the air, I fly there and make a POI. I've also revisited the s universities I've attended and places I visited as a child. Very nostalgic and amazing that MSFS is detailed enough to support this sort of thing. Now that I no longer fly as a pilot OR passenger (someday...), this is a great way to explore this amazing world." - Flying Singer
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  • "Concluding - the Eye3D is a very nice product. Hardware wise this set absolutely rocks and will fulfill your expectations. What I did not like was the software package as it is really outdated. The product was assembled in the Windows 98 era and then never updated again."
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