• 1941, Dec 7 - Intercept
  • A scramble in the F-4F and my first move was to crash head on! Tried again and my wingtip was shot off on the first pass. Next time up friendly FLAK damamged my control surfaces os I limped back to land on the Enterprise, Meanwhie all hell was breaking loose and some unlucky pilot collided with me as I turned to finals. Several attempts later and I managed to stay in one piece and apparently help to drive off most of the Japanese Dive Bombers... satisfied but weary I landed on the carrier.... only just !
  • airline_seat_recline_extraPearl Harbor (2001)
  • MiGMan’s Combat DiaryMission
  • Missions based on my favourite books
  • I have always enjoyed reading military novels and techno-thrillers, especially those in which air combat figures heavily. I also enjoy building and flying missions for combat flight sims. A few years back I decided to combine these interests and build some missions based on scenes from a few of my favorite military action novels.
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